Senior Care for Pets

Supporting your pet through their golden years with specialized care and monitoring.

At Holland Animal Hospital, we strive to provide devoted care to senior pets through solutions and client education. The right senior care can add more years to your pet's life, and we promise to provide that attentive care to your pet. Give us a call at 905-853-3591 to discuss your senior pet's needs with us.

What special care do senior pets require?

As your pet ages, you must pay more attention and take steps to help them enjoy their old age as well. Here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • Resolve health issues as soon as they arise; if you notice any health concerns, take your pet immediately to the vet
  • Ensure you take part in preventative care such as regular physical examinations
  • Help your pet remain at their ideal weight
  • Feed age-appropriate and best-quality food to your pet
  • Adapt your pet's exercise regime to suit their age and medical conditions

How should I take care of my senior pet's dietary needs?

The best way to keep your senior pet healthy is to switch to senior pet food. Senior pet food has better quality proteins and is rich in fiber to help with your pet's intestinal activity. Specific food can help delay the onset of geriatric diseases such as diabetes. Regularly empty water bowls and give your pet clean, fresh water as they are at a higher risk of being dehydrated. Consult your veterinarian to change your pet's diet that suits their age and nutritional requirements. 

Should I stop taking my senior pet on outdoor walks?

All pets, even senior pets, need to go out on walks to get fresh air and take in the sun's rays. These walks help them stay active and healthy. Stopping walks can induce joint issues and premature obesity.

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