Weight Management for Pets

Help your pet maintain a healthy weight with our weight management program.

Weight management and treatment is a challenging task for pet parents. Pet parents often think overweight pets are at an acceptable weight. They are often unaware of how excess weight can affect their pets. Being above the ideal weight is associated with skin and respiratory disorders, renal dysfunction, etc. It also exposes pets to an increased risk of metabolic and endocrine disorders such as diabetes, orthopedic disease, and some forms of cancer.

How do veterinarians help pets reduce weight?

There are several factors that veterinarians look into to help pets manage their weight. It usually begins with an initial assessment of the pet's current diet and feeding routine. After this, the vets calculate the pet's ideal weight and design a weight management program to bring them to the ideal weight. The weight plan includes a new diet and exercise/activity plan to help the patient get to a healthier weight range.

Do you also help underweight pets?

Yes. We care for various conditions affecting pets, and our vets can help with any nutritional concern - whether it is being overweight or underweight or general weight management - we have it all covered. To learn more about our weight management services, you can call us at 905-853-3591.

What are the causes of being underweight in pets?

The two most common causes for being underweight can be the pet's lifestyle and medical issues. Such cases can be very complex to diagnose and treat, but our experienced veterinarians can provide the right care for your pet.

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